Be Original.

Every teacher who has assigned you something to write or create has warned you about copying. Whether it be a report or a piece of art, understand your limits and your rights.

Creating artwork is great. Copying artwork is great. Making artwork is great. However, what you do with the art is another story. Often you find people in museums, painting copies of famous arts such as the Mona Lisa or a still life. You have the right to take a piece of artwork and use it in your piece. But you have to change it. For example, you want to draw a girl you saw in an online work into your piece. You can draw her in. But you have to adjust the foreground and the background. So you add in flowers to the background, or maybe a beach. And in the foreground, instead of the image’s blue eyes, make them a hazel or brown. Instead of blonde hair, maybe give the image red or black hair. Add features such as freckles or curly hair. Now the piece is original and something of your own work.

You should never sell a copy of someone else’s work. As an artist, it’s like “Hey, nice painting! Let me copy your hard work and devotion then sell it, so I get all the credit!” Don’t sell a copy and steal the credit.

Be proud of your work. You are a beautiful human being. You have flaws. You have talents. Use your talents to your benefit. Be original. Be beautiful and show the world what you’re made of. Whether you’re a singer, a dancer, a writer, or an artist, add your twist. Be Original.


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