Mother Nature


My newest project in Drawing in Painting is a big relief. We’ve been drawing still-lives in charcoal for the past two months, which got really old really fast. But now we’re drawing what we imagine and not an object in front of us. I’ve decided to draw Mother Nature as a human being and adding patterns that are involved in nature. This is just the basic outline in thin Sharpie, the rest is in 2H pencil. I’ve decided to use shapes and lines to build this nature-like feeling. I’ve added leaves, flowers, and wooden patterns to her features to create a facial shape and definition in the face. I love the design so far, and in a week I should have it all coloured in (which I will because I want to add more of a nature-like feel). I will post it in about a week the final result, but it still needs a lot of work. I might do a post on patterns and zentangles tonight or tomorrow. I’m still thinking about it. Anyways, this was just a quick post, and I will update you. Follow me on Twitter or WordPress, you can like this post, it shows a lot of support. Okay, bye. 🙂


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