Recently in art class, we’ve been playing with watercolor. We’ve been practicing contour lines, also. In this recent project, we practiced using both, and I am so happy with the final result. Nature has recently been the focus of my art lately. I was going to try something else, but I couldn’t think of anything else but this image in my head. I really wanted to capture the connection man has with nature, the fore and background sharing their similarities. I think this painting came out well, and this is the first time in a long time I’ve used watercolor. I used Van Gogh watercolor paints, diluting them with water. Thank you guys for liking my posts even though some are not all about my art. It’s really helpful. Bye 🙂




 This blog is based off of my drawings and whatnot. However, there are more arts than just drawing. One of those arts is photography. I really love taking pictures and the talent some photographers have astonishes me. I really want to learn to photograph. I also really love Polaroid cameras. For my first paycheck starting my new job I’m going to buy what I think is called a Fujimi (?) Film Mini 8 camera. It costs about $75-$200, and I will be buying all the equipment with it (lens, case, film, etc.). I was going to ask you guys if I should also start posting pictures I take over the summer, along with my drawings. This wont be immediately after this post, it will be the middle to the end of July, because that’s when I get paid. My uncle’s always been a photographer, and I know other photographers, who I find really inspiring. Anyways, you guys should comment your opinions. Thanks for all the support, it really helps me keep posting. Update you soon. Bye 🙂



The local art museum is very small, and has never really had any worldwide famous pieces. However, the museum will be presenting Monet paintings this whole summer. For a museum so small, this is a big event. My friends and I (who all share an interest with art) planned to visit the exhibit. When we told our arts teacher, he decided that we should all go together for a ‘field trip’. I’m not sure if the trip has been approved yet, but I will most definitely somehow get there before the exhibit closes. I’m still wondering if I should vlog, or just take pictures. I will most likely vlog and take pictures. I’m so excited and I will keep you updated. Sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently, I’ve been busy with finals and I will try to be more frequent. Bye. 🙂

Art Classes Being Cut

     I recently read an article on art classes in schools, whether it be a music class or something like Pottery and Drawing and Painting. The author argued that art classes should be shorter than other classes. She is an art teacher herself. She claims her classes are more straight forward and there’s no time for students to socialize or have “free time”. Balsely (the author) says that her students take art more seriously than they would in a longer period. She says she can be consistent with the curriculum because her time has to be more organized. I’ll admit, she does use very valid arguments even without statistics or anything. She does use counterclaim towards the end, when she states how she misses having more time with her students. I like reading about articles like this, and Balsely made the argument more real and “close to home” because of her personal connection to the argument. As a student, I would disagree with her overall thesis. I think most students find art seriously in a 40-60 minute period. I know I do. I personally enjoy having time to work on a project. That’s just my idea. Do you guys have any short art classes? Do you guys have no art classes? What’s your opinion on art curriculum in the educational system?