Art Classes Being Cut

     I recently read an article on art classes in schools, whether it be a music class or something like Pottery and Drawing and Painting. The author argued that art classes should be shorter than other classes. She is an art teacher herself. She claims her classes are more straight forward and there’s no time for students to socialize or have “free time”. Balsely (the author) says that her students take art more seriously than they would in a longer period. She says she can be consistent with the curriculum because her time has to be more organized. I’ll admit, she does use very valid arguments even without statistics or anything. She does use counterclaim towards the end, when she states how she misses having more time with her students. I like reading about articles like this, and Balsely made the argument more real and “close to home” because of her personal connection to the argument. As a student, I would disagree with her overall thesis. I think most students find art seriously in a 40-60 minute period. I know I do. I personally enjoy having time to work on a project. That’s just my idea. Do you guys have any short art classes? Do you guys have no art classes? What’s your opinion on art curriculum in the educational system?


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