This blog is based off of my drawings and whatnot. However, there are more arts than just drawing. One of those arts is photography. I really love taking pictures and the talent some photographers have astonishes me. I really want to learn to photograph. I also really love Polaroid cameras. For my first paycheck starting my new job I’m going to buy what I think is called a Fujimi (?) Film Mini 8 camera. It costs about $75-$200, and I will be buying all the equipment with it (lens, case, film, etc.). I was going to ask you guys if I should also start posting pictures I take over the summer, along with my drawings. This wont be immediately after this post, it will be the middle to the end of July, because that’s when I get paid. My uncle’s always been a photographer, and I know other photographers, who I find really inspiring. Anyways, you guys should comment your opinions. Thanks for all the support, it really helps me keep posting. Update you soon. Bye 🙂



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