“You Can’t Sit With Us” Alone at school?


After a long, lovely and invigorating summer, school is back on its way. Exciting for most, terrifying for others. It can be terrifying for many reasons. One reason in particular- losing friends. Have any of your best friends moved away? And when I say moved away, I mean they’re located in a place where it’s nearly impossible to see them. This year, two of my best friends moved away. In other words, my whole group of friends. In any case, close or far, going to school in hopes of a whole new group of friends is hard; especially when you’re really shy, like me. So here are some tips to make a friend or two this school year. 

Step One: Don’t Hide


Yes, the hardest step to getting a friend, putting yourself out there. But then again, how will you make friends hiding creepily in the corner of the classroom?

Step Two: Don’t Be So Pessimistic

nothing good happens to me

Don’t be the Negative Nancy. It will definitely make people scared to say “Hi” to you. Make a good first impression. It goes a far way. 

Step Three: Make Sure to be Yourself

what even

Yes, you can and should be yourself. Even if you’re a little different, there’s always someone who would love being your friend. 

Step Five: Well, There Really is No Step 5


Even if you can’t make school friends, there’s always your teachers, family, and the vast realm of the internet to make friends. 

Well, I hope this helped someone out there. I’ll post soon. Bye 🙂


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