“You Can’t Sit With Us” Alone at school?


After a long, lovely and invigorating summer, school is back on its way. Exciting for most, terrifying for others. It can be terrifying for many reasons. One reason in particular- losing friends. Have any of your best friends moved away? And when I say moved away, I mean they’re located in a place where it’s nearly impossible to see them. This year, two of my best friends moved away. In other words, my whole group of friends. In any case, close or far, going to school in hopes of a whole new group of friends is hard; especially when you’re really shy, like me. So here are some tips to make a friend or two this school year. 

Step One: Don’t Hide


Yes, the hardest step to getting a friend, putting yourself out there. But then again, how will you make friends hiding creepily in the corner of the classroom?

Step Two: Don’t Be So Pessimistic

nothing good happens to me

Don’t be the Negative Nancy. It will definitely make people scared to say “Hi” to you. Make a good first impression. It goes a far way. 

Step Three: Make Sure to be Yourself

what even

Yes, you can and should be yourself. Even if you’re a little different, there’s always someone who would love being your friend. 

Step Five: Well, There Really is No Step 5


Even if you can’t make school friends, there’s always your teachers, family, and the vast realm of the internet to make friends. 

Well, I hope this helped someone out there. I’ll post soon. Bye 🙂

Rainbow Quartz


      School is finally out and that means I have more time to binge watch my favourite shows and draw. This drawing is of the character Rainbow Quartz from Steven Universe. She is a fusion who is in one of the more recent episodes called “We Need to Talk”. I won’t spoil the episode but I have to say it was one of my favourite parts of the series. Rebecca Sugar (the executive producer) is one of my “idols” in the way of art. I’ll show Rainbow Quartz’s appearance here. You can ‘like’ this post or comment if you’ve seen the show or enjoy it. Okay I’ll talk to you later. Bye 🙂


In my previous blog post, I told you guys I was going on a class trip to a Monet exhibit. Unfortunately, it’s regents week and so many students couldn’t go, so my teacher had to cancel! I still plan on going to the exhibit. So the vlog is postponed for now.. 



Recently in art class, we’ve been playing with watercolor. We’ve been practicing contour lines, also. In this recent project, we practiced using both, and I am so happy with the final result. Nature has recently been the focus of my art lately. I was going to try something else, but I couldn’t think of anything else but this image in my head. I really wanted to capture the connection man has with nature, the fore and background sharing their similarities. I think this painting came out well, and this is the first time in a long time I’ve used watercolor. I used Van Gogh watercolor paints, diluting them with water. Thank you guys for liking my posts even though some are not all about my art. It’s really helpful. Bye 🙂



 This blog is based off of my drawings and whatnot. However, there are more arts than just drawing. One of those arts is photography. I really love taking pictures and the talent some photographers have astonishes me. I really want to learn to photograph. I also really love Polaroid cameras. For my first paycheck starting my new job I’m going to buy what I think is called a Fujimi (?) Film Mini 8 camera. It costs about $75-$200, and I will be buying all the equipment with it (lens, case, film, etc.). I was going to ask you guys if I should also start posting pictures I take over the summer, along with my drawings. This wont be immediately after this post, it will be the middle to the end of July, because that’s when I get paid. My uncle’s always been a photographer, and I know other photographers, who I find really inspiring. Anyways, you guys should comment your opinions. Thanks for all the support, it really helps me keep posting. Update you soon. Bye 🙂