The local art museum is very small, and has never really had any worldwide famous pieces. However, the museum will be presenting Monet paintings this whole summer. For a museum so small, this is a big event. My friends and I (who all share an interest with art) planned to visit the exhibit. When we told our arts teacher, he decided that we should all go together for a ‘field trip’. I’m not sure if the trip has been approved yet, but I will most definitely somehow get there before the exhibit closes. I’m still wondering if I should vlog, or just take pictures. I will most likely vlog and take pictures. I’m so excited and I will keep you updated. Sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently, I’ve been busy with finals and I will try to be more frequent. Bye. 🙂


Art Classes Being Cut

     I recently read an article on art classes in schools, whether it be a music class or something like Pottery and Drawing and Painting. The author argued that art classes should be shorter than other classes. She is an art teacher herself. She claims her classes are more straight forward and there’s no time for students to socialize or have “free time”. Balsely (the author) says that her students take art more seriously than they would in a longer period. She says she can be consistent with the curriculum because her time has to be more organized. I’ll admit, she does use very valid arguments even without statistics or anything. She does use counterclaim towards the end, when she states how she misses having more time with her students. I like reading about articles like this, and Balsely made the argument more real and “close to home” because of her personal connection to the argument. As a student, I would disagree with her overall thesis. I think most students find art seriously in a 40-60 minute period. I know I do. I personally enjoy having time to work on a project. That’s just my idea. Do you guys have any short art classes? Do you guys have no art classes? What’s your opinion on art curriculum in the educational system?

Mother Nature: Part Two


This is a continuation of my “Mother Nature”  project. It’s obviously not finished, but it’s so close. I’m so excited to see the outcome. It’s going to be all coloured in, too. This is to give the drawing a more natural feel. I will be drawing more tomorrow and I will update you tomorrow too. You can see the wooden designs and patterns in her face. There are also flowers and leaves to add into the more natural element. I have added the elements to her hair, which you will somewhat see tomorrow. Then next week I will be showing you the colouring in of the project. And the background will show up soon, too. That is my update at this time, you can follow me on my Twitter or on WordPress. You can like this post to show support. Thank you guys so much. Bye 🙂 

Mother Nature


My newest project in Drawing in Painting is a big relief. We’ve been drawing still-lives in charcoal for the past two months, which got really old really fast. But now we’re drawing what we imagine and not an object in front of us. I’ve decided to draw Mother Nature as a human being and adding patterns that are involved in nature. This is just the basic outline in thin Sharpie, the rest is in 2H pencil. I’ve decided to use shapes and lines to build this nature-like feeling. I’ve added leaves, flowers, and wooden patterns to her features to create a facial shape and definition in the face. I love the design so far, and in a week I should have it all coloured in (which I will because I want to add more of a nature-like feel). I will post it in about a week the final result, but it still needs a lot of work. I might do a post on patterns and zentangles tonight or tomorrow. I’m still thinking about it. Anyways, this was just a quick post, and I will update you. Follow me on Twitter or WordPress, you can like this post, it shows a lot of support. Okay, bye. 🙂

My Projects

Hi, I’ve been really busy lately, with so many projects piling up. I’ve decided to tell you what I’ve been doing recently. Hopefully you will take note and look for these new projects once I present them. I’m a huge horror buff, and love to watch scary movies whether it be the original House on a Haunted Hill or the newest Paranormal Activity. I’ve discovered the art of creating horror short films. I really like (love) Youtuber CutiePieMarzia and she just came out with a series of a short that I really liked. I will drop the link for the series down below. She makes a lot of horror shorts that are really suspenseful and creative. She does draw most of them. I personally like them. I’m hoping to create horror shorts and things like that on a Youtube channel or something else. So that’s one project. The next project I have to do is this art series of different women from different parts of the world. It’s in this zentangle style, full of patterns and colour. I will be posting more about that. I’ve been so busy with being introduced to Drawing and Painting in my second semester lately that I’ve lost the motivation to draw outside of class. I’ve been losing time to draw because of it being the end of the year and studying so much. During the summer I will be drawing a lot again, so keep that in mind. Recently, I connected my Twitter account to WordPress and now you can catch up on my posts more easily and quickly. So you can follow my Twitter. I’ve also recently renovated my house so I’ve been helping my mom and dad move things around, paint walls, cut things up and all of that stuff. So please don’t be upset or think I’m ignoring this blog because I don’t care about it, I’ve just been so busy lately. However, I soon will get the chance to post more pictures. Follow me on Twitter if you’d like, follow me on WordPress for more and like or comment on this post if you want to suggest any animated horror short films for me to watch. Okay, that’s all for now. I will be posting tomorrow and Friday. Bye. 🙂


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My Tools & What Products I Use

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I have gone through so many art kits and products that sometimes work. Being that I don’t have that much money to spend on art supplies, it’s been really difficult to find a decent kit. But I have found one that I really like, which is affordable. Although I am in love with Prismacolor, it is so expensive for such a small variety of coloured pencils. It’s about 40 US dollars for a 36 assorted coloured pencils. You also have to purchase blenders and sharpeners. However, I have found one kit that really was impressive, however there were some downsides to it. I purchased Reeves Drawing & Sketching Complete Set back in January. I actually purchased it on E-Bay for about $9.00. It includes 10 coloured pencils (lemon yellow, orange, red, pink, violet, light blue, blue, leaf green, brown, black), 4 sketching pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), one graphite pencil (HB), 2 blending stumps, 1 sandpaper block, 3 small sheets of paper, 1 eraser, and one sharpener. As far as the coloured pencils go, they were all bright and vibrant, so I really liked that. They are blend-able, but they will leave marks if you use them roughly. They are not soft like Prismacolor, but if you use them a bit lightly, it does work the same as Prismacolor pencils. The sketching pencils were great. I always use the HB for sketching out and the others for shading. The shades are really bold and soft. The eraser wasn’t cheesy, it erased marks completely if needed. The sharpener was good. For some odd reason, I thought the blending stumps were for the coloured pencils. So I tried using the blending stumps on the coloured pencils to blend more, but it made messy marks and it was not enjoyable. I’ve heard they’re for charcoal or graphite and that I was using them wrong. So I haven’t used those as much. I have not used the sandpaper block because I never found it to be necessary. If I have extra time I will experiment with it. If you used the sandpaper block you can comment on how it works below. Anyways, I’d give Reeves 4.5 out of 5 stars because of it’s convenient price and the overall quality. If you use any products that you find absolutely great and amazing, let me know in the comments section. If you want me to review any art kits comment below and I will try to get them and make a review on my blog. Also, I will be making a Twitter account. I’ve heard it’s a great place to connect. I will be posting the link to that soon. I’ll post soon guys. Bye. 🙂

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