Mother Nature: Part 5


The final product. 🙂


Mother Nature: Part Two


This is a continuation of my “Mother Nature”  project. It’s obviously not finished, but it’s so close. I’m so excited to see the outcome. It’s going to be all coloured in, too. This is to give the drawing a more natural feel. I will be drawing more tomorrow and I will update you tomorrow too. You can see the wooden designs and patterns in her face. There are also flowers and leaves to add into the more natural element. I have added the elements to her hair, which you will somewhat see tomorrow. Then next week I will be showing you the colouring in of the project. And the background will show up soon, too. That is my update at this time, you can follow me on my Twitter or on WordPress. You can like this post to show support. Thank you guys so much. Bye 🙂